Day 100 – Woot! Woot!😊

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Today is an important day for me. Day 100. I don’t like to post in the mornings, usually, because I haven’t made it through the day yet. Today is different, I KNOW that I won’t gamble today. Period. It’s only fitting that it lands on Valentine’s Day, because this has been a journey of learning how to love myself. It’s been a battle and some days the journey is harder than others, but I’ve made it. I think about the damage that I wrought over years and years, and then I look at the progress that I’ve made in these past three months and it’s amazing. I will preface by saying that my husband and I are extremely lucky, we are both essential workers and our income hasn’t been harmed by the Pandemic. I will say, though, my gambling beat all for emptying out our finances. Now, after three months of better choices our bank account needs a comma. It requires a comma. The debt is still there. But I’m slowly whittling that down. I would love to throw all of my new found liquidity at the debt. But I’m learning about the value of money again. I’m learning about the slow build of money; about saving and earning. Tonight I’m going to cook a kick ass Valentine’s dinner for my husband. We’ll eat and relax and I won’t feel like the entire meal is a massive apology for all of my fuck-ups. Every day can really feel like a challenge in the beginning, but it gets easier. It does. Remember, though, that addiction comes from some place. Gambling is a coping skill, an unhealthy coping skill, but a coping skill. Unless you are willing to find out what you are coping with and develop other, healthy coping skills, the shadow will always be lurking over you. Now I can see the shadow, but know to turn on another light. submitted by /u/punkrain [comments]

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