Yes, The Stock Market Can Be Gambling Too


Like many people as of late, I’ve gotten into playing around on the stock market in the last few months. No GameStop, none of the crazy options plays that you’ll see over at WSB, just some pretty simple, barebones trading with the spare time and money I’ve got laying around.And it’s gone pretty well. Won’t say numbers, but I’m up about 50% in 3 months. Nothing major in this crazy bull market seemingly but I consider that a pretty big success. Certainly a lot better than the low interest rates would’ve gotten me!Yet despite doing it in what would be considered a pretty sensible way, trading has stressed me the fuck out. It really can bring out gambling tendencies. Constant checking of my phone to watch numbers moving on the screen, hiding it when people walk in, rethinking bad decisions and missed opportunities late at night when I should be fast asleep. And, the thing I’m noticing most recently, a lack of enjoyment of so many other simple joys.Sure, I’ve made some money, but it’s been a huge time and emotional sink that’s totally draining me and I’ve had enough of that. So I’m going to count myself lucky that I have something to show for this, and tomorrow I’ll cash out on everything (bar a couple of legitimate positions which are truly hand-on-heart, 100% long-term) and delete the app. No excuses.The question of “is the stock market gambling?” comes up in here every so often, and this post is my way of a) answering that yes it certainly can be, and b) admitting that this brings out bad tendencies in me and that I’ve had enough. No shame in acknowledging that.

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