Can’t take it anymore

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So I posted three weeks back. Last week I relapsed after more than two weeks gamble free. I have lost 1k. The good news is I got a one month temporary job. Worst case scenario, I can pay off around 1.7k of my current 4k cc debt with that. The job will suck as I will be translating languages to foreign staff working very long hours (80 hrs a week away from home) on a steel mill factory. Best case scenario, they might need me to serve another month, which will practically pay off all cc debt. I would still owe my mom around 6k, but I’m not so pressured by her to pay it off immediately. I honestly hate my line of work, since I am not fond of selling my time for money, and I would rather die than keep standing around in factories for years to come. I will never be able to have a decent living or have a family with those kind of specialized, but kind of dead end jobs. I am still applying for jobs I am interested in (sales) but no one gives me a chance. I am starting off a translation agency too, but things are tough now and am too stressed out right now to make it work. The thought of probably taking this whole year to pay off some stupidity (if I’m even lucky to get a decent job/temp work) on work that I hate makes me want to gamble again. I want to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum but it stresses me out that I might not be able to this year and I’m going to miss the boat. Life really sucks. The would have’s of the money lost (91k including 11k of debt) are really killing me. For more that I try, I just cannot get over the loss. I have a spreadsheet of amount lost year by year. I even account for yearly inflation. It kills me. submitted by /u/gamblingsucksass [comments]

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