TOP REASONS that causes Relapse

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I myself a problem gambler that have lost A LOT and relapse for numerous times again and again, and finally touch my rock bottom recently and I finally have to buried this bad habits and restart a new chapter of my life. I try to gather some thoughts that may trigger me to go back to gamble again :Believe that I can control myself to bet in a moderate amount of money that will not affect my financial state. ( But we never can control our state of mind to stop till we lost the very last penny)Believe that I can win back my losses over the years bit by bit. Take small winnings bit by bit. ( We always knew we will never gonna able to chase back the losses, winning is a process , lose it all is the ending of the story)Believe that I will not always lose and will believe that I will get that lucky day to win big to cover back. ( We will definitely win small sometimes but in the end we will still lose it back more than what we won caused of our nature greed.)Slides across Gambling Ads, gambling blogger that wins huge , YouTube gambling’s winning slots videos to make us believe we can win too. ( When comes to Ads , no one will want to show u the bad side of the products or event. They are often funded and attracts as much losers to the sites.)We have to see it in a clear picture that Gambling is never a tool to make money but it’s a trap and monster that swallow your assets , your time even your soul. If you are a problem gambler, you will soon realise you will lose not only your money but also ruin pride , self confident , trust , family and life.I’m not here to demoralize you. Just hope we can see clearly how evil gambling is and start to say NO to it. We will only stop going back to gambling if we believe that gambling is bad for us.If you all have any advises or motivations that can helps on problem gambler to stop gambling, feel free to drop a comments. And thanks for reading..!! Let’s regain our life from not gambling ! Cheers !

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