Something small but I’m very proud

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Something I need to share since I don’t have anyone else to tell. I am a very degenerate gambler and I hate myself for it. I have been up and down thousands for years. My trigger for gambling are unnecessary expenses. Whenever there is an expense that I view wasn’t needed I will gamble to get it back. For example, ordering food when there is food at home or even buying clothes because I already have clothes to wear. Even if it’s a small expense like £30 I would deposit thousands and thousands. Today I finished worked and got fined on the train for not paying my ticket. Of course when this happened all I could think was gamble gamble gamble to get it back. I reached home and tried to deposit £3000. However the app stopped me because I needed to verify some details as it was a new phone, funny thing is to verify my deposit I needed to send a text to my old phone but it was out of battery. So I straight away charged my old phone, while it was charging I just sat down and had a long hard think. When my old phone turned on I decided to not go through with the deposit. Maybe it was because I had time to sit and think, rather then act on my adrenaline. I honestly felt very proud of myself and I feel a step has been taken. Thank you for listening :).

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