My state legalized Sportsbook recently and I have been taking advantage of every sign up bonus. Now I’m scared I am going down a dark path.

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So as the title have mentioned, my state recently legalized sports betting and I have been “winning” as far as taking advantage of bonuses and such with every Sportsbook and taking profits. I used Bovada for years before but it was VERY rare since depositing and withdrawing was a pain in the ass. I pretty much only reserves for playoffs. And no more than $100 a year. My “big” bets were anything over $30.Now that my state legalized betting, depositing and withdrawing is as easy as ever, I took advantage of the sign up bonuses, I’m up close to $2K now in a few weeks, I’m feeling high, and I am ScaredDuring the McGregor fight, I put down $10 on him to win by TKO within the first 2 round. 1st round went well for him and put $250 more in which was the remainder of my balance (from bonus that I had turned into profit). Well McGregor got knocked the fuck out in the 2nd round. I was pissed. I deposited $1000 on a random tennis match to chase my losses and by the grace of God I won. I felt guilty, withdrew all but $75 to make sure that never happens again.I think this was the point where the value of money started to desensitize for me. I went from thinking $30 was a huge bet for me to making a $1000 bet.A few weeks later on the GME hype train. I dropped $5k on it. Was up $3k but I didn’t take out money because I didn’t think it was enough, and it tanked and I am down $3.5K. How could I come to this point where $3000 Wasnt “enough money”I wanted SO bad to chase my losses and use a $2000 “risk free” bet on the super bowl. I would have bet on the Bucs to win. I had a free $100 bet on them to win. I had an internal battle with myself whether or not to put in $2000, and ultimately decided not to. Now I am kicking myself because they did win and I would have won some money.$2000 is a significant amount of money and I don’t know how I would ever come to have even THOUGHT of dropping $2000 on a single bet. I don’t like who I am becoming. I don’t want to go down this dark path.I guess I have an addictive personality and winning feels so good. Before, I felt on top of the world after winning even $2. Now I’m not even happy with the $3000 gambling stocks causing me to lose even more money by holding it.What should I do to kick this bad train of though? How do I value the dollar again? How can I be happy with ANY win again even if it’s just $1

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