Bovada is such a scam its a joke

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I am laughing at how much a scam this website really is. I feel pretty retarded for using bovada.I’ve used bovada for sports betting for a few years and never had a problem with their site paying out my winnings etc. I enjoy live dealer and poker tables but they’re usually filled with bots lately so I don’t bother. Anyways football season is over so I wanted to earn some points for my rewards.Long story short, I was close to a upgrading my rewards points from “pro 3” to allstar which makes your rewards higher value. I had a few hundred lying around after some superbowl winnings. I figured I would rack up some points on their slots to meet that goal.Holy. Shit. They paid out about 15% on slots! What a scam. I have played slots for fun and free drinks with friends/family in real life and usually you get some actual entertainment out of it. Real slot machines have free spins and shit to keep you playing… or even more if you’re lucky. Sure it’s always a scam for the casinos but this online site is entirely rigged. Yea I said it, the big R word for gamblers. Rigged. What a joke.Do not use bovada. At all. What a scam. I feel bad for people that use it to regularly gamble.I went through nearly $400 of autospins (200 at $2) and got back only $55. Granted, I don’t expect to win on a slot machine, but to watch nearly every single spin lose is a joke. What a scam lol. I feel rewarded getting an extra $30 from losing $400.Yea thats about it, not touching this garbage site until next football season.

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