Rantings of a freshly relapsed addict

ใบแจ้งหนี้คาสิโน - เล่นตอนนี้จ่ายในภายหลัง

Ive been trying for a over 1.5 years to quit after recognizing the issue within 6 months of daily gambling,relapsing every 3 months or so(binge gambler), often just going flat out broke within a couple of weeks. This last slip up was the hardest, as I have no job, and funnily enough I won big, giving me this false hope that I “overcame” my addiction with, well, my addiction! Its funny, I finally got to where I wanted to be financially after that stroke of luck, but as we all know it’s not that easy. That win was 4 weeks ago, and asI type this I have next to no cash in my account. I estimate that I’ve lost well over 250k in the last two years, with extreme fluctations leading to manic depression, extreme anger and violence, and sheer manic euphoria, and worst of all boredom at the end. I’ve never been addicted to anything, let alone something so destructive. The money hurts, yes, but really it’s the time I’ve wasted that angers me the most. If one is to believe time is money, then gambling is truly just giving up our finite time here on earth. I’m nearly 26 years old, and have been gambling for 2 years exactly. It’s the first thing that’s ever caused suicide to even enter my thoughts, and it’s destroyed my confidence in my mental abilities. This last loss finally forced me to breakdown. I confessed to my family, I’m seeking psychiatry, will be going to GA again(only went once but I felt it really helped,kept me clean for 4 months), and most importantly I am going to force my parents to hold my money and monitor my accounts. They don’t seem to think it’s as serious problem or even an addiction,but they are willing to help me if I force them to at the very least watch over my money. It truly hurts my pride to give up “control”, but that’s what I have to do to improve. submitted by /u/Psychological_Ad7163 [comments]

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