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I read stories here almost everyday. Some are heartbreaking, some are hard to believe. Young and smart people ruining their lifes for a hit of dopamine. Families torn apart, kids left without parents, people wanting to end their lifes, hard earned money wasted in minutes. This is all really sad. Often i feel the emotions of the one who is writing the words. I can feel they might be crying while typing the letters. Usually they are left alone, sad and in a really dark place. I feel for them. I’ve been there. At the rock bottom. I know the feeling.A lot of us did some bad things. We stole, lied, we forgot about others, we forgot ourselves. We did hurt people we love the most. To describe us as empathetic human beings would be a lie. At least while we’re in the gambling cycle.But then comes recovery. When you finally decide that you are finished. When you’ve done enough harm to yourself and people around you. Then you have to look deeper into yourself. You can find the human you were before. Time, money, people are lost and most of the time we can’t bring them back. But future is ahead of us. One thing that we have now is empathy for other people. We know what bottom feels. And it feels like someone just sucked all the happiness from your soul. It feels like to carry stones on your back everyday. I can’t walk through homeless people without emotions now. I was nearly at their position not so long time ago. I don’t know their stories. But every human is a human and should be treated with respect. Gambling done awful things to me. In fact, i’ve done them to myself. One of the few good thing it gave to me is empathy. I feel like i could be a good human being now. Good father, good son, good friend. But also i do feel that i have to help the most vulnerable. I entered gambling young and optmistic. I left emotionless and beaten to my knees. During recovery i learned so many lessons and it gave me so much wisdom. I hate gambling for ruining my life. But recovery was what i needed to know myself. Gambling is not worth it. Start your own journey to be a better human being now.

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